To our loyal fans:  Deke Slayton Airfest will not be scheduling a show again in 2016.  The construction project on the Interstate and bridges feeding the airport continues this summer and into 2017.  The full construction project isn’t slated to be completed until the summer of 2017 according to the DOT.

With this in mind, we remain in contact with the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels demonstration teams as they make their plans for the following years.  There is a very slim chance that the Thunderbirds schedule could change in our favor in 2017, we have asked for them to come in August 2017.  But if that doesn’t work, our request for a 2018 show is our first opportunity to get them back in La Crosse.

Our Airfest team continues to work on “behind the scenes” projects to keep our air show running smoothly so we can offer you the best entertainment value we can. 

As always, our team continues our support for the Freedom Honor Flights upcoming this year.

Thank you for all your support as we work towards our shows in the future.


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